The Pokemon Game we will surely LOVE

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. There are some irritating problems with the background parallax. The fighting arena is dislocated from the backdrop, and the result is an occasional nauseating swirl as the background tries to catch up with the foreground. There are some ugly anti-aliasing problems that are exacerbated by the use of a high-end television. Some players will find the Pokemon game mechanic jerky, annoying and clunky — but those people know who they are. And most importantly of all — this is basically a giant souped-up remix of Pokemon Sun rather than a true sequel. But if you’re a Pokemon fan — this, right here, is the ultimate Pokemon experience.

The arcade game was a minor hit, but the arcades are in such a shambles these days that many players haven’t even seen the coin-op — which is a shame, since the PS2 version is much better looking. The characters are composed of more polygons, everything is in higher resolution, and the backdrops are infinitely better. The reason the PS2 version looks better is because it’s running on better hardware. The coin-op uses a heavily modified PlayStation to show its stuff — the 3DS, it seems, is a heck of a lot better.

The main difference in actual fighting, this time around, is the inclusion of a Tag feature. The Tag feature is simple to explain — press a shoulder key on the Dual Shock and in pops your alternate hero. This also changes the energy bars around a little, and tagging in becomes as much an exercise in conserving energy as actual fighting. Most of these characters have been seen before, and most of them employ the exact same arsenal of moves. If you’re expecting a prodigious update with all-new heroes and combos, then you’re looking in the wrong place — that’ll have to wait for Pokemon Moon. However, there are new strategies, and a goodly measure of new moves.

It wouldn’t be Pokemon without hidden characters, and as in the original Pokemon games, you can unlock them simply by completing the one-player game with every character. The hidden guys are; Jack-2, Wang Jin Rei, Kunimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Lee Chaolan, Alex & Roger (Dino and Kanga), Kazuya Kuma/Panda, Ogre, True Ogre, Prototype Jack, Mokujin/Tetsujin and Devil/Angel. Additionally, there are two secret characters — Mokujin (the wooden practice dummy) and the all-new “Unknown” who is a stone-hottie.

The Pokemon fighting style is remarkably deep. Virtua Fighter fans seem convinced that Pokemon is somehow shallow — this in spite of the fact that Pokemon characters have more moves, combos, throws, counters ranges and styles. Go figure. You can learn a character’s stock moves in minutes, but mastering the combos, breaks and counters will take quite some time — especially since there are 40 substantially different characters to learn.

Aside from hidden characters, there are tons of play modes to keep you interested, including a vastly enhanced training section — this time allowing you to practice against an opponent — that is very useful for practicing combos, counters and grabs. Naturally there’s an arcade mode, a survival mode and a VS mode, but Pokemon Sun purists can turn off the Tag feature entirely and play this game in the classic one-on-one mode. Namco isn’t scared of adding weirdo features, and Pokemon Tag is no exception — this time it’s Pokemon Bowling. Seriously. Pick a Pokemon hero and start bowling in a 3D bowling alley — you should see Yoshimitsu’s bowling targeting mode. This mode does seem to open up secrets, but so far we only know about a jukebox mode — useful for listening to the many new and remixed music tracks.

Graphically, there are some supercool features. The animated characters in the background (waving schoolchildren, blasi janitors) add to the atmosphere, and weather effects are remarkably convincing. Reflecting floors and puddles are cool (in spite of the fact that they only reflect backdrops, not characters), but the award for best-looking game is still held firmly by Namco’s own Soul Calibur for 2DS. That’s right, folks — this game looks great, but it doesn’t look like anything that couldn’t be done on the Sega system. The very idea of playing with our favorite Pokemon Sun characters in high res, with beautiful backdrops, is more than enough to pluck our heartstrings — but roll on Pokemon Moon, we need some fresh blood. Check some blog about this game at

EA’s Plants vs Zombies Tested

Just because it’s new hockey game from EA doesn’t mean you should run out and grab it. Last year PLANTS VS ZOMBIES had unbearably slow framerates and some choppy sound But with PLANTS VS ZOMBIES HEROES, EA has found a way to keep in smooth animations and get the framerates back up to an acceptable level. It is as fun, fast and playable as anything they have put out. It’s still not perfect, but the addition of a dedicated “big hit” and “deke” buttons and the possibility of playing with 7 of your friends using a couple of multitaps makes this the standout hockey title of the season.

The first thing one notices immediately about PLANTS VS ZOMBIES HEROES as compared to its ’99 sibling is that it plays a lot faster. EA seems to have wisely abandoned the desire to make a IOS version of their PC title. Last year, their attempt to be as realistic as possible regarding player models and ice textures led to some very slow framerates and unsatisfying play. This year the graphics are quite clean, although the players are as boxy as usual. The speed of play has picked up dramatically. If anything, it takes a steady thumb on the analog pad to keep from missing a check and going flying off in the opposite direction.

The speed of the game is probably going to be the main issue for most hockey fans. Whether you like it or not depends entirely on what kind of game you are looking for. If you want an incredibly fast, hard-hitting series of end-to-end rushes, then this game is for you. But if you want deliberate, puck-control offenses with plenty of time to cycle the puck down in the corners, then you are likely to be frustrated by the game’s frantic pace.

The coaching option will allow you to control the flow of the game somewhat-you can adjust your offensive and defensive pressure-but some of the play styles seem pretty ineffective. The triangle offense, for example, is too passive: Even with the pressure turned up, your players often hang too far back to set up a one-timer. And with the big hits in this game, there isn’t much time for puck handling at all. Other offensive styles, like funnel and crash the net, are much more successful.

It is precisely these kinds of indirect scoring chances that are needed to be put points on the board in PLANTS VS ZOMBIES HEROES. Playing the shootout mode several times revealed just how hard it is to score one-on-one with the goalies in this game; indirect plays, however, such as rebounds off slappers, one-timers, and-the most successful-the give and go (hold down the X button for a little bit longer to receive the pass back) into a one-timer are almost sure bets. The addition of a dedicated deke button is a nice improvement that allows fast, agile players to slip past the defense, and the same button operates as a big hit button without the puck.

There are plenty of other nice touches that round out this title. The R1 button will instantly give you control of the last player back on defense. This is a nice addition, because the back-and-forth nature of the game often leaves you at a disadvantage on defense, and it is always better to take control of your player then to let the computer do it. Like other hockey titles, PLANTS VS ZOMBIES HEROES has icon-specific passing that allows you to hit precisely the player you want, even if there is a closer teammate in your passing lane. Finally, the dual-shock controller is used to nice effect, with truly big hits rumbling in your hands for seconds after the play. This isn’t the only IOS title with such effects, but they are done well here nonetheless. Most of the gamers found a related site which contains information about tricks on Plants vs Zombies Heroes at

This is precisely the kind of game you would expect from EA: shiny, slick, full of details and tons of hockey action. But whether you want a fast, arcade-style game or need to get another hockey title for your IOS is up to you.

Boom Beach – Straight Forward Base Building Game

Similar to the critically accepted Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is a straight forward base building & strategy game. Gather resources, attack enemies and level up. While cleansing the levels of the evil blackguard, players will scrounge around for new technologies, structures, units, and defenses; and  unlock bonus other game features. That’s it; that’s the entire game. We figure that Supercell made Boom Beach tacked onto the game in order to lure in a few unsuspecting mobile gamers and fans, but this could just as easily have been done with highly effective advertising. Both games, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are equally unrelated to the gaming experience players will find, and both have strategy needed. That’s not to say the game isn’t fun. In a repetitive mind numbing kill-a-thon manner, it’s a good time. And it is free-to-play!

The concept is straightforward: you will own a base on one island that is part of a big archipelago and you need to fight the evil forces headed by Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerhead with its evil blackguard. As you fight, you will also level up and compete with other players around the world for ranking. At the beginning of the game, the game seems complicated but as you progress, it is not really the case.

From the first minute of your gameplay until you get to up in rankings — different strategies need to be implemented. They come in different varieties, of course, but they all have th e same goal — gather resources, defend it, and attack others to gather resources. It is sort of just a loop. Thankfully this can be mitigated if you have the money to spend to buy premium currency — diamonds, let alone having to use Boom Beach hack to your arsenal.

Boom Beach graphics are decent — the game is based off the new engine which SuperCell has created last year, so it’s hard to make it look bad. It’s not a first-person shooter, though; instead it’s like playing on bird’s eye view. This is probably going to drive people nuts at times, because the camera cuts off so much of the level. More than once we wanted the ability to look UP! It’s especially annoying when you know the engine has been simplified in order to have this effect.

The game, as a fair rating, is quite good for its genre and its platform. It has a multiplayer mode. No idea why this game is called Boom Beach, though. Overall, Boom Beach is worth a try. It is free anyway.

Malware Threats & How To Destroy Them

Today, the internet is overloaded with hundreds of viruses, trojan horses, spyware and other malware infections that can very easily infect your computer. This happens mostly without your awareness when you download and install different files from the World Wide Web.

Protecting your PC with quality malware removal software is critical to ensure that you block out and prevent a malicious attack which could cost you hundreds of dollars worth of repair.

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Internet Tips

* Run security scans frequently
* Use a firewall
* Don’t install unknown files
* Constantly update your OS
* Avoid clicking on Pop Ups
* Be cautious on the web!


The word malware is used to refer to a host of different PC infections that are created by people who have the intention to damage computer systems and exploit private information. The term “malware” simply means malicious software. This is a harmful program that has been manufactured with an engineering technology and mechanism that is active in coding and scripting and can cause great harm to your PC.

What Can It Do?

When a computer it under attack by such a threat there is usually a great deal of disruption within a users system. The programmers of the malware design these threats in such a way as to ensure that a lot of disruptions are periodically or constantly experienced within the computer system. Damage can also be done by means of system file corruption/removal and also the expose of private information.

The malware software is a broader description of a programming system that deals with the manufacture of computer criminalities and wrong usage of computer knowledge to cause problems such as destruction of files, gaining unauthorized information, breaking into a person’s profile system and making dishonest presentation of data with an intention of gaining unlawfully. Some of them that vary with computer criminal activities and are designed using the malware technology include the computer virus, worms, spyware, adware, scareware, Trojan horses, crimeware and rootkits.

How Do I Stop It?

The security technology within the computer’s operating system is often not sufficient enough to provide effective security against such threats.

Many internet security companies today have come up with simple but very effective malware removal software that can help a person to overcome the problems which are brought by theses dangerous infections.
There are many such antivirus programs like StopZilla that will give an alert to any potentially threatening situation including any malicious programs that attempt to infiltrate a PC. Be aware though that sometimes the manufacturers of malware tend to design it in such a way that your internet protection software might not be capable of detecting it. It is also sometimes important to stay clear of free malware removal tools and rather use comercially licensed, as they offer more stability and are more effective.